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LRNLI is on demand performance coaching. We whiteboard scribe our information to save time delivering content. Learn the best ways to learn and teach others, giving you the upper hand in our knowledge based economy.

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Paid monthly. Cancel anytime. 7 day free trial.


Why performance coaching?


increase learning and retention

You’re in a competitive industry. When you’re aided by strategies that boost memory, you spend less time learning the information and more time using your information.

Make messages more memorable

Our brains are wired to remember and respond to certain cues and messages. Whether you’re in a meeting with your boss or a client, make your message more persuasive and memorable using LRNLI techniques.

develop faster

With our whiteboard scribed videos, it takes less time to deliver the content of our message enabling you to watch more videos more often. Your competition won’t be able to keep up with your pace.